Cowtown Horseshoeing School

Cowtown Horseshoeing School is dedicated to promoting the soundness of all horses through comprehensive and proven trimming and shoeing guidelines.  Our primary goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to become competent farriers having the ability to make the best choices for the horses they service.  We feel the best way to accomplish this goal is through individualized instruction combined with practical experience on live horses.

At Cowtown Horseshoeing School, we provide students with basic skills needed to become a farrier, plus in-depth coverage of the Natural Balance TM principles and guidelines developed by Gene Ovnicek.  Natural Balance is a culmination of information gathered from the study of wild horse hoof patterns, plus the continued scientific study of basic biomechanical and physiological needs of both domestic and wild horse feet.  The continuing research and practical application of this information has helped make huge strides in the ability of farriers to improve soundness and performance in horses.

Along with the basic trimming and shoeing, the treatment of common lameness issues will be covered using various techniques, including the use of the Equine Digit Support System, also developed by Gene Ovnicek.  The EDSS is a state of the art shoeing system that been an extremely useful tool for treating laminitis and navicular syndrome.

At Cowtown Horseshoeing School, students begin their career using proven techniques that promote equine soundness, comfort and biomechanics.  The reward for the farrier that is able to employ these skills and techniques is the knowledge and confidence that is instrumental in helping horses perform to their full potential.