Instructor “Merlin Anderson”

Cowtown Horseshoeing is owned and operated by, Merlin Anderson.  Merlin started his career as a professional farrier in 1971.

His farrier experience has ranged from working ranch horses to top performance horses in racing, rodeo and English disciplines.  Merlin has applied his trade across the United State and Canada at all the major race tracks.

With his years of experience he has gained a wealth of knowledge of the farrier profession.  He is associated with master farriers, veterinarians and noted horseman throughout the United States and Canada.

Merlin has used various methods and techniques of the farrier trade during his 30 years, but in the early 90’s began finding great success with the Natural Balance technique.

After 30 plus years in the farrier trade, Merlin had a desire to pass along his wealth of knowledge.  He started Cowtown Horseshoeing school in 1997, and continues to be committed to teaching and helping students become master farriers.