The Course

Course Description


Cowtown Horseshoeing School emphasizes the mastery of the Natural Balance TM and conventional horseshoeing techniques.   Students acquire skills through a combination of classroom instruction, demonstrations, hands-on and field training.

Attention is focused on the student and meeting their individual needs.  In order to offer each student an intensive learning experience with close individualized instruction, we limit our classes to six students.  During the course students will master the fundamentals of the farrier profession.

We begin with the anatomy and physiology of the horse to provide the student a base of how a horse is built, how a horses body functions and how they move.

Teaching the students how to trim and shoe a horse to maintain proper balance.  We also teach them to recognize and treat common types of lameness and gait problems using various approaches.

  • Equine Digit Support System
  • Modified Keg Shoes
  • Forged Shoes
  • Hoof Repair Materials

Natural Balance TM

Stability and balance is everything when maintaining sound horses, that is why along with farrier sciences and horseshoeing, horsemanship is stressed throughout the course.

At Cowtown Horseshoeing School, students graduate with the skills and confidence necessary to practice farriery.